Discovery of new Enzymes

We make use of nature´s diversity to identify enzymes that have commercial potential. Over the last decade, large metagenomic libraries from different habitats for targeted screenings has been developed:

  • River sediments
  • Soil samples
  • Industrial sites
  • Extreme habitats
  • Animal digestive tracts

By focusing on specific catalytic reactions and other defined parameters, we identify suitable enzymes based on activity, sequences, structural properties and protein models.

Enzyme engineering

Enzyme engineering is a way to improve the performance of a given bio-catalyst. For a commercial process, enzymes have to be robust & stable, enantio-selective and finally, provide the desired space-time-yield.
We combine two different approaches of protein engineering to optimize the performance of an enzyme: random mutagenesis and rational design. This is typically followed by high-throughput screening allowing fast detection of improved variants.
Our customer benefit by obtaining best in class enzymes to be used in more sustainable processes with less waste, reduced costs and improved profitability of project/product. For more information, please contact us.