Business Model / Market focus


Enzymatic bioconversions – from lab to market

We are focusing on the discovery, modification and targeted development of enzymes to successful market products. Our proprietary technology and product portfolio addresses the requirements and trends of the global Pharma, Chemicals and Food Industry.

evoxx – your development partner

From identification, optimization and production of new enzymes to development of bioconversion processes and innovative carbohydrate ingredients – we are providing complete product development services or single and customized work packages to our partners. Contractual arrangements vary dependent on customer demand and include classical R&D cooperations, fee for service work as well as strategic partnerships.

evoxx – the enzyme producer

We are supplying our proprietary enzymes (evozymes®) as small samples for preliminary lab trials but also in large industrial scale and customer specified quality (kosher, halal etc.).

If you need a producer for your own enzyme/protein we offer tech transfer and scale-up to industrial scale as a service and produce the enzyme under the certificates and quality requirements of the customer.
We can also provide co-factors required for your enzymatic process.